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Mucon Oyster Super Leggera Hygienic Butterfly Valves for Pharmaceutical Powders

Mucon VE Super Leggera Hygienic Butterfly Valve

June 20th, 2017

Case Study –

Pharmaceuticals manufacturer requires the same cleaning and maintenance characteristics of the Mucon Oyster™ Compact Series Butterfly Valve but must be super light weight.

Product:  Oyster™ Super Leggera Hygienic Butterfly Valve

Handling / Material:  Pharmaceutical powders

Geo Location: Spain

Application requirements:

Cleaning and maintenance characteristics of Oyster™ Compact series sanitary valve with significantly lower weight.

The challenge

The Oyster™ Compact series valve is the most advanced general-purpose hygienic butterfly valve on the market and thanks to its unique design features it is exceptionally user-friendly and easy to maintain.

In this particular application, the manually operated valve is fitted to a stainless steel drum. As a result, the overall weight of drum plus the valve is critical.

The standard 10” Compact™ series butterfly valve is not a heavy valve compared to its competitors, but even so, the design team saw the necessity of reducing the weight further.

The solution:

A new lower profile seal was designed and based on the redesign every single component of the valve was redesigned from scratch.

The result:

The new Oyster™ Super Leggera Valve.  The new valve weighs 45% less than the standard model (7.2kg vs. 13.1kg), a saving of just under 6kg. The Super Leggera continued to use the Tri-Clover flange connection and the famous clamshell™ clamp system featured on the Oyster Compact Butterfly valve. These features are particularly useful to operators.

Key features:

  • Their unique clamshell™ clamp design enables tool-free strip down and reassembly in a few seconds
  • Precision machined with all product contact surfaces in AISI 316L mirror polished to full Pharma specification
  • The valve leaf and stem are of reduced thickness and all unnecessary metal has been machined away from the valve body and a new lightweight lever support and lever have been designed
  • Silicone seal is FDA and USP Class VI compliant
  • Tri-clover end connections enable straightforward hygienic fitting into host drum with standard components. The Super Leggera is also available with a lightweight clamp which is a great improvement over the commercially available cast items both in weight and hygienic appearance


Given the space restrictions and other inconveniences that apply in many pharmaceutical plants, a reduced weight valve is very often a considerable asset.

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