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WELCOME to Mucon USA…The Mucon brand has been associated with bulk solids handling equipment since the late 1940s. Our line includes, Iris Diaphragm Valves, Hygienic Butterfly Valves, Slide Gate Valves, Disc Valves, Discharge Aids and Level Probes.

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Mucon USA RGV Roller Gate Valve

Mucon RGV Roller Gate Valve

The Mucon RGV Roller Gate Valve is ideal for heavy duty, large scale isolation of bulk dry materials.


The Mucon RGV Roller Gate Slide Valve has been designed to meet the needs of the bulk materials handling industry for a robust, heavy duty isolation valve.

It is as modular and configurable as it is robust and reliable.

It’s patented blade support system provides uninterrupted flow of material through the valve body, but can still accommodate an inlet deflector if required by the application.

Pre-loaded and self wear compensating seals help prevent the loss of process material and are replaceable without the need to remove the valve from the process line.

While we offer a range of standard sizes from 150mm (6″) to 600mm (24″) square, our manufacturing methods allow us to easily produce custom sizes in square or rectangular configurations.

The valve can also be supplied with a square to round adapter for the inlet and/or outlet.


The isolation and control of most dry powders, pellets, grains and granules


Available in a variety of materials and finishes

Our unique design allows the product contact parts to be manufactured from a different material than those used in the main valve body


  • Uninterrupted product flow reduces material hang-up and wear of the blade support rollers
  • Sealed steel rollers as standard for extended service life
  • Heavy duty construction ensures years of reliable operation
  • Easily adapted for round outlets or ducts
  • Self loaded blade scraper seal provides excellent product retention and wipes the blade during operation
  • All seals and guides are replaceable with the valve in-line, dramatically reducing service and maintenance downtime


  • Available in a variety of materials and finishes
  • Able to support high product loading
  • Custom size and hole patterns available
  • All seals are serviceable with the valve in-line
  • Wear compensating polymer seals