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WELCOME to Mucon USA…The Mucon brand has been associated with bulk solids handling equipment since the late 1940s. Our line includes, Iris Diaphragm Valves, Hygienic Butterfly Valves, Slide Gate Valves, Disc Valves, Discharge Aids and Level Probes.

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Mucon SD-H Slide Gate Valve

Mucon SDH Slide Gate Valve

The Mucon SDH Slide Gate Valve is the hand operated shut-off solution for in-line applications for the powder and bulk solids handling industries.


The Mucon SD-H provides the latest in advanced Slide Gate Valve technology for the powder and bulk solids handling industries. Drawing on more than 60 years experience in the powder handling sector, Mucon products once again are able to satisfy ever more demanding shut-off applications.

Its robust but simple design boasts a patent application with more than 53 innovative claims, making this one of the most advanced valves of its type on the market today.


  • Stainless steel slide gate blade
  • Body in cast aluminium alloy with stainless steel bore liners
  • Guards in aluminium alloy
  • Blade gland packing from PTFE braid
  • Slide sealing plates in Ertalyte® PET-P Plastic. A high grade polymer with excellent temperature stability and wear resistance (FDA approved for food contact)


  • Any bulk material handling application requiring the positive shut-off or full bore flow
  • Mixer or blender fill or discharge chute
  • Low pressure conveying lines
  • Plastic pellet loading systems


  • Polished slide gate blade
  • Other materials available for slide blade and bore liners
  • Also available with pneumatic cylinder operation


  • Uninterrupted smooth bore when the valve is fully open
  • Effective fully sealed closure
  • Self cleaning slide gate blade
  • Dust tight operation
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Smooth, efficient operation
  • Slim design

Suitable for both gravity feed and low pressure conveying applications this latest innovation by the Mucon design team is feature rich at a surprisingly competitive price.


  • Operated by a multi-start drive screw via a large radius hand wheel
  • Provision for grounding tags where there is potential for static electricity generation
  • Lifting points provided at the valve center of gravity
  • Flange dimensions to DIN or ANSI patterns
  • Rated for up to +1barg conveying pressures
  • ATEX certified to 1D/2D categories
  • Size Range 150mm, 200mm & 250mm with other sizes available soon